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Interview with Susie Blumenfeld

By Sharon Arena – Susie Blumenfeld


When I first walked in to Pink House Productions, there were splashes of pink, jars of candy and invitations everywhere. To be honest, it looked like the aftermath of a fun party. Susie Blumenfeld, owner of Pink House Productions, is the gal with the ideas on how to throw an amazing party. “This is your party. (We) make sure it reflects your taste,” said Susie. Throwing a party is not just about inviting a group of people. No, there is an art to it, and Susie is the creator.

Susie’s background is originally in advertising in New York City, then to an event design company. Eventually, she was brought into planning because she was able to connect with the clients. Her talent was not only to connect with them, but develop a relationship, or “friendship”, and has done multiple parties for the same families. With her new-found knowledge, expertise and designs for any occasion, Pink House Productions was born in 2006. Since then, Susie has been the “Face of Westport” in May 2017’s Westport Magazine, and was voted “Best of Westport Event Planner.”

The name “Pink House” came from a playhouse that was completely pink that her 3 girls had in the family backyard for over 20 years. When the playhouse became old, Susie’s husband was able to salvage the front of the house with the pink door. Susie pointed to a far corner in her office, where the pink door lay against the wall. A great reminder of where it all began.

Susie showed me a slide show of some of the parties she has thrown. “You always start with the invitations,” said Susie. She showed me these party invites like I’ve never seen – maybe similar to being invited to a red-carpet event. They were big, bold, beautiful – and fun! No two parties are ever the same, or have the same theme. Each party reflects their client’s own individual flair. With each one, every little detail is thought out. From the candy, the décor, the place settings, music, and did I mention the famous candy bars?

Susie is the voice of her clients. She encourages her clients to think about the big picture – especially throughout the planning stages. It’s all about having patience. She makes sure that she aims to exceed her client’s expectations in every possible way. “You want to feel like a guest at your own party,” says Susie, “You have to be able to switch gears – think BIG picture.”  Being the client’s voice is very important to Susie. She wants the vendors and venues to know what they want, greatly exceeding their expectations. Telling from the many photos of happy faces, Susie and her team are pretty impressive, with an exceptional reputation throughout the area.

Susie challenges herself each week by asking herself what she’s learned, and what will she learn the next week. Each party is more incredible from the last. In each new photo I saw, I was amazed at all the different color coordination’s, designs, décor and lighting. You could feel the energy just seeing the images.

Susie and her team coordinate and design all types of events, such as Weddings, mitzvahs, milestone birthdays, or anything you could imagine! They just did a 50th birthday party for a local client who was traveling to New Orleans, complete with table décor, personalized favors and thematic hotel baskets.

Susie is very involved in philanthropic work locally and was recently honored by a local organization. Besides being an active part of the community and Gold Coast Connect, Susie will continue to create and throw amazing events. She hands me a sheet of “Susie’s Words of Wisdom” which she gives to all her clients. “Do what works for your family; Think “Big Picture;” and Rely on your experts. Susie wants her clients to enjoy the event planning process, and have fun along with them. “I’m part of a very happy occasion. That’s the best part of my job, also getting to know the families.”

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Interview by Sharon Arena, of Salty Red Dog Marketing