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Interview with Dr. Robinson & Dr. Klein

– By Sharon Arena

Modern Dermatology in Westport is a new full-service dermatology practice delivering comprehensive medical, cosmetic, surgical and pediatric care for the entire family within a boutique setting.

Modern Dermatology is the passion project of award-winning, board certified dermatologists, Dr. Rhonda Klein, MD, MPH, FAAD and Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD.

As one of the very first people through the doors, there was some construction and finishing touches still in progress, however the staff’s warm greeting and accommodating demeanor made it hardly recognizable.

I sat down with Dr, Klein and Dr. Robinson to learn more about them and the new practice.

The duo first met during their residency at Yale Medical School. From residency, they both went on to gain experience in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, while participating in cutting-edge research and presentations locally and around the world.

Throughout their careers they always knew they wanted to work together and ultimately to start their own practice that could deliver highly personalized carefor the entire family. Personally, they were living parallel lives – both becoming mothers of 4 children (each!) and professionally,reconnecting at Connecticut Dermatology Group where they both practiced prior to opening Modern Dermatology.

As we all settle back into routine coming off of summer schedules, it’s a great time to think about establishing a skin care routine, so I asked the doctors to share their expertise.

What is the awareness level in our community about sun safety and skin cancer?

“Most people are aware of the sun, however messages about effective protection are still mixed,” said Dr. Robinson.

“We try to educate our patients on all of the products out there – including protective clothing, physical sunscreens and chemical blockers. Using these correctly is critical to their efficacy,” added Dr. Klein.

It seems this confusion extends beyond our local community – both Doctors are continual contributors to editorial in publications like, Allure, Glamour, Esquire, and Huffington Post on topics from sun safety and skin health to Botox and body contouring.

 You must get asked all the time for skin care product recommendations, what do you say?

“Well of course this depends on who is asking me and what is going on with their skin, but one of the most common inquiries we both get across the board is for clean, safe skincare that actually works,” says Dr. Klein. She adds, “That’s why Dr. Robinson and I launched our own skincare line, PURE BioDerm.”

“We made it a point to carefully pick all the compounds and ingredients in our products, concentrating the formulas with active ingredients and eliminating the unnecessary ones,” says Dr. Robinson.  The line launched with a hyrdrating B5 serum, and is rolling out an Antixoidant serum this month…I certainly can’t wait to try it.

With the recent increase in medi-spas popping up, both ladies want to provide high-quality cosmetic services, where clinical care stands at the foundation.

“We see a lot of patients suffering from complications after receiving cosmetic treatments in these medi-spa environments,” said Dr. Klein. She adds, “Patients will go to seek out a “cheaper-alternative” without doing research on the facility or doctor. More times than not, this could result in spending more fixing the initial procedure.” The ladies were just quoted in the September issue of Vogue on this topic specifically, where they emphasized the importance of seeking ot an experienced board certified dermatologist for treatments like Botox and Filllers.

Dermatology extends beyond the skin to hair and nails, right?

 “YES, it sure does. We see and treat a variety of nail disorders as well as laser hair removal and treatment of hair loss,” says Dr. Klein.

Dr. Robinson uses modern technology to help her clients experiencing hair loss. An emerging treatment for hair loss, Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy (PRP) can help regrow lost hair with little pain and virtually no side effects – this is the only treatment currently available to help you grow NEW hair.  Other treatments are available for slowing/stopping hair loss that is in progress, while Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the go-to procedure for surgical hair transplantation, an option for some patients with advanced hair loss.

Both doctors made it clear that their love for dermatology stems from the desire to help people – medically and cosmetically.

One instance for Dr. Klein that stands out, was a woman who had an auto-immune disease that went unnoticed. “Many autoimmune diseases present on the skin, so while we see it on the surface, we know to check for what’s happening behind the scenes, it’s scary how so many doctors overlooked it,” she said. Finally giving the woman answers to her disease makes all her hard-work and dedication all worth it.

Touring the rest of the facility, there were 9 exam rooms total. Each room had a different, state-of-the-art piece of technology – followed by a desk of smiling, welcoming faces.

At Modern Dermatology your care is always managed by Dr. Klein or Dr. Robinson, even if it’s one of the aesthetician services like HydraFacial, Chemical Peels or Dermaplaning. Beyond skin care, the practice also offers a full range of injectable and laser treatments as well as body contouring services like Coolsculpting, Sculpsure and Kybella.

Both Dr. Klein and Dr. Robinson have been overjoyed with the amount of support and welcoming from the community. They hope to continue growing to service the needs of families and individuals near and far.

For more information, visit their website at, or stop in to tour the beautiful space.

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Interview by Sharon Arena, of Salty Red Dog Marketing