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Cari Miller, Randi Lehrman & Brad Walsh

Cari MillerCari Miller

Cari Miller, owner of Cari Miller Photography has been capturing those special moments for families for 17 years.  Cari Miller Photography is a full-service company with trained professional photographers and album designers on staff.  We specialize in event photography and family shoots.  Cari lives in Weston with her two daughters.


Randi Shapiro Lehrman

Randi K. Lehrman is an attorney licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut who specializes in civil litigation. She is the former associate publisher of W2W an upscale Fairfield county women’s magazine, former head of business development and sales at Pinkberry , and Director of sales at, a local daily deal site catering to the Fairfield County market. Although born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, her home for the past 19 years has been in Westport Connecticut with her two boys, Daniel (21) and Adam (19) who both attend Syracuse University

Brad Walsh

Brad Walsh runs the operations behind Gold Coast Connect!   Brad is a longtime area resident of Wilton, and runs his own web coding and hosting company. He also has years of experience running large consumer events for national production company.