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Interview with Mike Benson

Mike Benson – In-Home Fitness
by Sharon Arena

Mike Benson knows athletics. Not only was he a professional athlete, but his training and knowledge has also made him become one of the top elite in-home trainers in Fairfield County.

Like any business, there has to be a beginning.

Mike has always been involved in fitness and athletics most of his life. After college, he was signed to 3 different pro football leagues but found himself “struggling” in the industry. He switched gear from on the field to off the field. Mike wrote to ESPN is hopes of broadcasting with no avail. Soon after, he decided to start a video sports company, where he announced the “play-by-plays” with high school football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. He loved interviewing the kids, broadcasting and sending the videos to excited parents.

Mike knew he loved broadcasting, but it wasn’t enough. Since he loved working out (for most of his life), Mike thought this could be a window of opportunity for him. He got his start at The Fitness Edge in Norwalk back in the 90s. During his 4 years at The Fitness Edge, he got his certification as a personal trainer and an advanced degree in sports medicine from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With his new knowledge and understanding with the human body and terminology, has helped advance his career.

In 2002, Mike decided to go into business himself, where Mike Benson In-Home Fitness was born.

I asked Mike what has been the most rewarding part of his business?
“I think about the elderly population – how I can help prolong their lives,” said Mike.

Mike visits his clients at their homes and helps them with a fitness regimen customized for them.

Has there been a particular client that stands out to Mike?
“One woman in her 80’s,” Mike stated, “I started working with her 2x a week – working on stretching and hip exercises. She lived well into her 90’s. I like to think I helped what that.”

Mike made it a goal to help clients live life to their fullest. Why? Because the quality of life is so much better.

I asked Mike what should someone look for when looking a trainer?
“Look for someone who can come up with a workout that focuses on their goals,” Mike said. “They need to be empathetic. Sometimes a trainer will make a plan for the trainer and not the client.

Mike practices what he suggests. He does an initial assessment with every client to find out how their cardiovascular capacity is, or how their muscles react. With his workouts, he likes to challenge his clients, not stress them.
“The goal is to die young as late in life as possible!” Mike says.

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Interview by Sharon Arena, of Salty Red Dog Marketing