What is Peach?

Peach is a new, premium fashion brand offering athletically inspired, contemporary clothing for gym, work and play. Peach also offers “must-have” basics and stylish accessories curated from small and emerging female entrepreneurs.
Our products are sold through a national network of stylists who create fun, personal shopping experiences, both in person and online.

We’re on a Mission
Peach was founded on the simple idea that a lifestyle brand could help women elevate their everyday. Following this idea, our mission is to work with women by helping them thrive personally and professionally. We bring our mission to life in three ways:

  1. We combine elevated design with comfortable performance fabrics to deliver feminine, versatile clothing for gym, work and play. Our style simplifies dressing and boots a woman’s confidence.
  2. We provide our stylists the opportunity, tools, training and support to start their own fashion business without the financial risk.
  3. Each season we showcase 1-2 female-founded emerging fashion or fitness accessory brands to go with our apparel. They get a tremendous national platform for exposure through our stylists, website and social media.

Experience Peach is Three Ways

  • Join as a stylist + start your own fashion business + work where and when you want + BE YOUR OWN BOSS
  • Be a happy client! Buy directly through my website https://www.discoverpeach.com/s/angelam2
  • Host a party + get fabulous FREE stuff!
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