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Blue Keel Financial Planning

Blue Keel Financial Planning

At Blue Keel, we’re experts at helping business owners and professionals who want to maximize after-tax income, fund their children’s college education without robbing retirement, and align their own needs with passing on a legacy. To help you stay committed to managing your wealth plan and avoid emotion-based decisions, we incorporate 6 VALUE PRINCIPLES into our rigorous financial planning, portfolio management, and college funding processes: Organization. Accountability. Objectivity. Proactivity. Education. Partnership. Our portfolios provide diversified strategies, tax-efficiency, easy liquidity, and unparalleled transparency – and cost less than the average mutual fund. And we own every investment in our model portfolios for total alignment.

55 Greens Farms Road #200-69
Westport, CT 06883
(203) 557-5547
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If you seek innovative, tailor-made financial solutions from a fee-only fiduciary who puts your interests first, then Blue Keel is your financial partner.

Do you want to know exactly how you will pay for all 4 years of college – down to the penny? Our 3-step College Pre-Approval™ process ensures students graduate with manageable student loan debt without robbing retirement. Visit our website & download your FREE copy of A New Approach to Paying for College to learn more.