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McConnell Family Law Group

Connecticut Family Law and Divorce Attorney Paul McConnell began practicing family law in 1997. Today, he and his team devote the majority of the practice to all areas of family law. The McConnell Family Law Group currently provides a broad range of services to clients whose families are undergoing change.

Divorce is a difficult time and it is important to have allies you trust on your side. Whether contested or uncontested, mediated or litigated, the McConnell Family Law Group will be with you every step of the way. We help our clients set themselves up for success in their post-divorce lives. Read more…

Child Custody
Child custody is also referred to as access and/or support. Whatever its title, issues involving children are critically important to us. We will work toward custody arrangements that meet your family’s needs and draft enforceable appropriate child support orders. We also represent clients for child custody and/or child support modifications when circumstances change and the original orders no longer make sense (children grow; parents jobs change etc…).

Each party is concerned about his or her financial future during a divorce. We carefully negotiate and aggressively litigate asset and debt division issues for our clients. We seek to first find agreement whenever possible to avoid costly disputes. That said, having an attorney that is ready, willing, and able to go to court with passion and purpose helps ensure the best settlement.

Spousal Support / Alimony
We represent parties seeking alimony as well as those who may be obligated to pay alimony. This is most typically part of the original divorce action, but like child custody and support, it can also include modifications for when circumstances materially change.

Domestic Violence
Family Abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, physical violence, sexual assault, domestic assault and battery, restraining and protective orders, stalking, and harassment.

Prenuptial Agreements
Attorney McConnell drafts and reviews premarital agreements so that our clients can protect themselves and their children in the event of divorce. We also know how to challenge these documents in court where there are questions about validity.

Mediation is a process that can help resolve disputed issues and save clients money. The mediator does not represent either spouse and acts as a neutral officer that guides clients toward compromises that are otherwise difficult to reach. It also makes sense for high visibility cases since the issues are resolved in private, not in a public courtroom. If necessary, other professionals with specialized knowledge can be involved to help resolve financial and parenting issues. It remains important to have an experienced attorney to protect you and help you reach the best final solution that will likely follow you for years to come. A mediation attorney can further explain this process and represent you should mediation be the best course of action for your matter.

At the McConnell Family Law Group, we have a thorough understanding about the sensitive and emotional nature of family law issues. We care about you and your family and the impact that family law decisions can have on your future.

Our offices are located in Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford counties. Call us to schedule your appointment.


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