Testimonials from Our Events &  Facebook Group

Alex Horton – BRBG
Big shout out to Cari Miller and Randi Shapiro Lehrman for making our phones ring off the hook during open enrollment season for health insurance! I have never been part of a networking group that works this well….thanks again!

Sam Galatas
“It’s a proof that we can be more successful if we move in a group rather than go alone. The Gold Coast Connect , an online community for small business owners is a useful place on the Internet to interact with like-minded people , ask advice , share insight, extend business network, gain friends and partners , learn lessons from everyone in the group, and grow your small business. Thank you Gold Coast Connect for making “Airport rides / Make your own price” to be a part of this group.”

CoreMotion Elise Zealand
“Just wanted to share a very happy collaboration. We’re so excited to get to know more small business at the Gold Coast event July 12. We’re always open for a win-win partnership or to help people who are helping our neighbors. Small businesses need to have each other’s backs. Thank you Cari Miller for making this page happen.”

Mica Isaacson DeSantis
“Love this group! Have met and connected with so many great people because of this site and the incredible events. I had a table at the last event – selling the Entree Nous book and it was such a great way to get to know what others are doing with their businesses and finding ways to work together. So happy to be a part of this!!!”

Tory Brown
“Congrats!!! That is so awesome! The Two Oh Three loves being involved with Gold Coast Connect! Having an online community for local business owners to connect, collaborate and work together is SO important.”

Fiona Porter
Thank you for your great support…! I have successfully added two dozen Preferred Customers since…”

Howard Cutler
“Due to the Gold Coast Connect FB page and GCC events, I have greatly expanded the reach of Perfect Credit Consulting, LLC. I have taken on numerous clients, and those clients have referred other individuals. Because of GCC, I have developed a niche …”

Paola Vona Garelick
“Thanks for an amazing connection of people. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting and networking with excellent people”

Joe Grushkin
“absofrickenlootly…. MaxExposure Social Media is totally in and taking a table…. at the last event was awesome…we got 3 new clients from it…and can’t wait to see everyone again’

Victoria Mellah
Thank you Cari for your wisdom and insight to see a need and to have that grow to the benefit of all 4000 of us! Your idea, patience, stamina and enthusiasm has touched us all in such a positive way, were all so grateful. I personally have met with s…

Debra Spindler Pinals
“Wow. Impressive… The positive support and encouragement from business to business speaks volumes about who we are as a community. The new clients are just the icing on the cake!”

Natalie Kroft
“This group has been great in introducing me to new, local businesses & products. Thank you Cari Miller! Love my flowers from branch & bloom and new lipstick from LimeLight by Alcone with Roseann Cice!”

Saqueli’s Services
“Good morning everyone! I just wanted to take the moment to Thank from the bottom of my heart all the support that I have received in this group you guys are truly Amazing!!! I have a cleaning and painting service (Saqueli’s Services) I have worked for a lot of you and continue to. I appreciate all the support the opportunity that this group has given me and my family”

Janet Kinnally
“Really appreciate all the support from the group. I have gotten over 50 orders. This is what networking is about – helping one another and getting a great product from your network. I highly recommend joining Gold Coast connection.”

Westport Bike Lady
“Special thanks to Cari Miller and Gold Coast Connect LLC for connecting me & my relatively new business Westport Bike Rentals with Saugatuck Rowing Club. I mentioned to Cari that WBR is struggling to take off and that I wasn’t in a financial position to join Gold Coast. Cari’s response was incredible. Not only did she give me an emotional boost, she offered to help me. She immediately introduced me to the SRC. Her introduction has led to a great neighborhood partnership, more visibility and business opportunities! Thank you, Cari for taking the time to listen & help! Cari Miller”

Denise DiGrigoli
“Met an old friend Suzanne Marolda Annunziato and her friend and owner of Regift The Wrap, LLC Gold Coast Connect LLC on Wednesday- these entrepreneurial women are coming on HAN.Network Broadcasting on The Drive, with Denise DiGrigoli->11/21… 12:30 live stream TV, stay tuned-it’s a platform for positivity, fuel to move you forward- It was a great night, Troy and I really are glad we joined this great group of peeps!”

Craig Oshrin
“I want to give a shout out to Gold Coast Connect LLC. It is truly incredible to watch how Cari Miller & Randi Shapiro Lehrman have taken their events at the Birchwood Country Club to connect all the local businesses throughout Fairfield County to the next level. I have made some incredible contacts because of the GC events.”