The LORIANN Jewelry collection is designed with a serene, fluid quality that centers on gemstones and color stories that catches the eye and stirs the imagination, drawing women in on a visceral level.

Lori Friedman is a forty year resident of Westport, CT who designs modern organic jewelry.

With a background in graphic design, creative direction, and watercolor painting, Lori has an innate understanding of line and form, and has distinguished herself as a designer who layers and experiments with color in compelling ways. Her artist’s eye has led to her exuberant pairings. She is drawn to the way that certain gems respond to light, with unusual combinations that work their way into her story, complementing the palette to memorable effect and finished with her signature “line over stone” detail.

After launching LORIANN Jewelry in 2016, she has won numerous national industry awards that include the prestigious JANY Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year in 2017, Jewelers of America, 2020 Case Awards for her creativity, artistry and excellence in style, and the 2021 Grand Prize Winner for INSTORE Magazine Jewelry Design Awards. She continues to expand her thematic collections built on motifs and themes that embrace and encourage the ideas of self-empowerment, personal expression and inner strength.

Discover LoriAnn’s collections at LoriAnnJewelry.com