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Life Sketching

Life Sketching
Energy Healing, Intuitive Messages, Conception Catalyst

"Life Sketching - The Feminine Path to Manifesting Miracles"
With Mica DeSantis, Energy Therapist & Conception Catalyst
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"I'm Mica DeSantis, energy healer and conception catalyst, and I'm here to tell you that miracles are real. For centuries, women have partnered with the sacred wisdom and healing energy of the Divine. Stories have been passed down, generation to generation of women thriving in roles as natural healers, priestesses and shamans. Cultures worldwide pay tribute to the Divine Feminine and a woman's power to create and influence life!

We were fashioned to CONCEIVE.
Conceive and give birth to children… To ideas... To MIRACLES. Struggling to get pregnant and desperately want children?
There's an "app" for that that traditional doctors don't' consider. And it begins with an opening to ancient energy healing modalities that cut right through the physical limitations to restore the body's ability to connect to Divine will and conceive life.

Through energy healing, emotional release and Miracle Mapping, I have helped women clear the blocks that were keeping them from living the life they want to live.
I've helped women connect to their soul baby-- the baby they were destined to raise.
I've helped them get pregnant.
I've helped them draw an energetic chord from their heart to the heart and soul of the baby they were destined to adopt.
I've helped them conceive the love, the job, the children they were meant to conceive.
And I can help you too.

If you're struggling to get pregnant, struggling to find your purpose, struggling with anything at all, the problem isn't your bio chemistry, or your lack of skills, or your luck. The problem lies in an energy block, and clearing that block clears the pathway to miracles."