Hearts in Harmony Foundation

Hearts In Harmony Foundation

Our mission is to fund innovative research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for Long QT Syndrome.

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Our Story

Shea Gloria Greenfield was born on June 20, 2022. That same day, Shea's heart stopped beating. Doctors scrambled to restart her heartbeat, which they were able to do, but they knew something was very wrong. They immediately performed an electrocardiogram (EKG) scan which revealed something called a “prolonged QT interval”, meaning that Shea’s heart’s electrical system was taking longer than usual to recharge between beats. Genetic testing later confirmed what her doctors had feared: Shea was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) Type 2, and had one of the most severe cases her doctors had ever seen in a newborn.

Faced with the stark reality of the existing treatment options, Shea's parents found themselves unwilling to accept the status quo. The journey through diagnosis and treatment opened their eyes to the urgent need for advanced research and better therapies for LQTS.‍
Moved by their daughter's bravery and the stories of many others facing similar challenges, they established Hearts in Harmony Foundation with a clear mission: to accelerate the development of innovative treatments and to move closer to a cure for LQTS. Their commitment is to ensure that no family feels helpless when confronting this condition, and to foster hope through action.

Finding A Cure

We are passionately raising funds to support cutting-edge research initiatives dedicated to uncovering better treatments and ultimately a cure for Long QT Syndrome.
Through various fundraising events, generous donations, and community support, every dollar we collect is directed towards pioneering studies and projects. These efforts aim not only to improve the lives of those currently living with LQTS but also to forge a path towards a future where this heart condition can be effectively managed or entirely eradicated. Join us in this vital mission to make a lasting impact in the fight against Long QT Syndrome.
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Shake It For Shea Fundraiser

Hearts in Harmony Foundation Presents the Shake It For Shea Gala.
On June 6 2024 in Fairfield CT, supporters joined together at the 2nd annual event for a night of eating, drinking, and, of course, dancing, while supporting an incredibly worthwhile cause. Stay tuned for announcements on future fundraisers for Long QT Syndrome research.

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