Information about our Promotion Packages

 Advertising Package

  • Your Logo goes on our Signage at the Event and in our Event Program
  • Your company logo and link will be displayed on our Advertiser and Home web pages.
  • Your company logo, link and short description of your product or service will appear on our advertiser directory and your company post page.
  • We promote your Ad & Post to our Facebook Private Group & Instagram Pages.
  • Inclusion in our Gold Coast Connect Mobile App with Advertiser Business Directory (coming Feb 2019).
  • Optional: Your Company will be highlighted as a ‘Golden Business of the Week’.
  • The cost of your Advertising Package is $250 per half year (includes a minimum of one Event Signage and one Swag Bag), or $400 per year (includes a minimum of two Event Signage and two Swag Bags)

Sponsor Package

  1. Your Logo and Link will be simultaneously displayed on both our Website and Facebook Group page, and all materials for the duration of your one year sponsorship.
  2. Your logo will be displayed on GCC signage at the Events, and on promotional material related to each Event
  3. Your Logo will be displayed in our Gold Coast Connect Mobile App with Business Directory (coming Feb 2019)
  4. You shall have absolute exclusivity in your category for our Gold Coast Connect Showcase Events.
  5. You will provide us with promotional material that we will post on our Facebook Group page to over 6500 active members.
  6. We will give you written endorsements on our Facebook page whenever feasible.
  7. You will receive Tickets to each of our Gold Coast Connect Mingle Events.
  8. The sponsorship will be for one year period from the time of the first event your company is involved with.
  9. The cost of your Sponsorship Package is $3000 per year.

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