Successful Study Skills 4 Students’ (S4) tutors evidence-based strategies, and study skills needed to build successful academic careers to students in grades 6 through 12.

S4’s tutoring services teach easy-to-implement study skills and executive functioning strategies – using your student’s actual school materials and subject matter. This service is highly personalized and customized to your student’s learning style, benefiting them by virtue of increased subject matter review, comprehension and retention – critical when prepping for tests and finals, and most importantly, clearly demonstrating the practical application of the skills in a real-life logical and relevant manner.

Our private services also focus on using and implementing executive functioning strategies: planning, organization, task initiation and sustained attention, goal-setting, decision-making, and problem solving – all important components of strong academic success.

Specifically, we will teach your student the following:
• How to take notes when reading and in a lecture/classroom
• How to understand the difference between high level ideas and supporting details
• How to plan, organize and manage time
• How to study and prepare for class and tests
• How to build on information for understanding and retention
• How to apply strategies for active reading, listening and retention
• How to complete assignments and projects on time without cramming
• Tools to stay attentive in class and stay focused
• How to study and stay on-task for precision, retention and speed

In addition, we can also work with your student on writing, focusing on grammar, syntax, and punctuation, theme articulation themes, sentence structure, and word choice. We emphasize techniques to improve fluency, and the use of transitions between ideas and paragraphs. We also focus on the writing process, with an emphasis on prewriting and revision.

Our tutoring services are offered in your home, at a time and day convenient to you, including Saturdays and Sundays.