Reacha is the world’s first & only local search engine for smart phones, and it’s free! Reacha lets you/your business be found by what you do & where you are. Think of it as getting free leads wherever you & your phone go. Like a free billboard that follows you everywhere & will be seen by anyone looking for your services or products. It is available for IOS at the moment & will be available for Android in December 2017.

Download the FREE Reacha app @ add a photo of yourself or your business & an optional video of you or your business. This will help you stand out from the crowd! Once you have verified your phone number (for safety reasons) fill in your info. The tags section lets you add 9 tag words that you want to be found by (what you specialize in etc..) Tag the first line GOLD COAST CONNECT & then the next 8 will be what you specialize in. Easily add your website, email address & your social media links when prompted as this allows them to all be grouped in one place. Make sure all your settings are set to green (especially turning yourself on) You can decide to turn phone &/or Facetime off if you would rather people just contact you via our text service. When first signing up, click yes & allow for the prompt questions to make sure you are always on when people are searching for what you do & are easily contactable. Lastly, once your profile is saved, click invite at the bottom right of the homepage & invite some or all of your contacts to join Reacha as this will exponentially grow your circle of contacts-in-common with those searching for what you do for greater piece of mind & trust.
You may now also use REACHA to find what YOU are looking for.
ANY questions please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. 917-6530010 or find me on REACHA – search for Marc Morris.