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Interview with Juliana Castro & Todd Moler

Public Adjusters

How many of us know exactly what a public adjuster is? About 50% of us actually know, I’m embarrassed to say I was the other 50%. Basically, a public adjuster is a professional claims handler who supports an insurance policyholder. But Public Adjusters Juliana Castro and president Todd Moler, explain to me that what they do as advocates is so much more.

Todd Moler originally started his career as an Architect and homebuilder. After 15 years in the business, someone casually mentioned to him that he would be a good adjuster. He explored the option and worked with major insurance carriers as a high-value public adjuster. Soon it became apparent to Todd that the insurance companies only had their best interest in mind – no one was looking out for the homeowners. He saw a need for honesty and someone to fight for these families. The single dad of 2 left this position after 16 years and started The Public Adjusters from his kitchen table.

Soon, Todd grew a team of public adjusters with some 25 – 40 year’s experience in the industry, and is now the biggest adjusters firm in Fairfield County. I also met with Juliana Castro, a Public Adjuster who brings a lot of value to the company. Juliana has previously worked in the industry, as well as being trained in the Brazilian Air Force, where she helped negotiate with the Department of Labor to change some working laws. With her tough spirit and drive, she will fight for any home or business owners.

So, what exactly does a public adjuster do? Say your home suffers major damage, sometimes your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Todd told me a story about a local young family who’s backyard pool collapsed. The water spread across the backyard and eventually went into their basement. The family called their insurance company, who then denied the claim stating that this type of incident wasn’t covered. That’s when the family called The Public Adjusters. Not only did Todd and his team fight for the homeowners right, they were able to get their claim covered fully and more.

I asked Todd how this business has been rewarding to him. “We like to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t screw others,” he said. “We are all people looking out for others best interest.”

Todd’s passion for what he does has spread outside the office. He has testified in front of the state senate to help get some laws passed and has even taught classes at UConn for law students.

“We are the insurance companies best-kept secret,” said Juliana. “We help prevent an insurance nightmare.” Between the horror stories, Todd and Juliana shared, my heart went out to these families that had to go through such stress with their insurance claims. The Public Adjusters are truly the unsung heroes.

So what exactly should someone do in case something happened to a homeowner’s property? “Don’t sign anything,” said Todd. They work from the inside out, making sure you have people stand by your and protect your interest. I know this is one team I’d like on my side.

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Interview by Sharon Arena, of Salty Red Dog Marketing