Gold Coast Roofing LLC
Leading the industry with the highest quality craftsmanship.
Derived from W.A.E. Construction with over 35 years of professional experience.
For Homeowners who actually care about their “Home”.  Serving Fairfield County.

Commercial/Residential Roofing
Making the decision to replace your roof is hard. Finding the right roofing company is even harder. Today’s industry is flooded with many unqualified contractors. It is unfortunate in the State of CT there is NO testing by the State of CT and pretty much anyone with $220.00 can get their HIC License. Check your contractor’s credentials, licensing, workers compensation, check their reviews as well (yelp, google, etc.). Also, it is the law to obtain a building permit for a roof replacement in the State of CT. Making sure your contractor is in compliance and follows all codes and laws can save you from unnecessary problems and money both during and after work is performed. I started toting bundles of shingle up the ladder during the summer vacations at 12 years old. That is almost 40 years ago. Gold Coast Roofing LLC was derived from W.A.E. Construction. W.A.E. Construction was formed over 20 years ago and was so successful with their services to mainly high-end homes that it became a private business taking only word of mouth clientele. With many flaws in todays industry. I decided to create Gold Coast Roofing LLC to expand our business and to make high quality roofing services available to all homeowners, at affordable prices. We are dedicated to giving your home the roof that you deserve. Gold Coast Roofing LLC was established to rid the industry of contractors that should not be in it, and by all means I will work with you to prevent this from happening, leaving you feeling secure with a Gold Coast “Roof”.

Shingle Roofing
Create a beautiful curbside appeal with one of our architectural asphalt shingles, or upgrade to a gorgeous designer shingle. As well as slate, composite, and wood roofing. With so many manufacturers and shingles available today. Our team at Gold Coast Roofing LLC is here to help you through the challenges of shingle choices, colors, and other necessary components needed to properly protect your home. As well as working with the customer to meet their budget. With over 35 years of experience, Gold Coast Roofing LLC is here to provide you with the highest quality workmanship that you can find. Our team is professionally trained to bring you warmest experience. Besides building clientele, we build friendships along the way. Gold Coast Roofing LLC is a Certified Certainteed Shingle Master as well as Atlas Shingle Pro Installer. Gold Coast Roofing LLC also offers great deals on financing.
Being a Certified Certainteed Shingle Master, as well as Atlas Shingle Pro Installer, Gold Coast Roofing LLC can provide you with the some of best Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranties with full labor and material coverages.

Flat/Low slope roofing
Protect your home or building with today’s high quality EPDM & TPO Membranes which are today’s top choices for Flat/Low Slope roof systems (From my knowledge in the industry these two systems are the best). Flat/Low Slope roof systems can be a nightmare when they start to leak or if improperly installed. Our team here at Gold Coast Roofing LLC literally have you covered with our knowledge in these materials, giving you comfort every time you hear that a storm is nearing. We also install tapered roof systems, perform drainage corrections, (Blueprint and design reading capabilities). We offer cleaning and coating, repairs and maintenance programs. All installations and applications performed by professionals.

Copper work
High end custom fabricated copper products such as: Chimney flashings, standing seam & panel roofs, wall flashings, valleys, the list goes on. All using 16 to 20ounce copper and lead coated copper. All soldered/tinned properly with irons by professionals.
Through my years in the industry, I’ve learned from multiple men in the field and worked very close with a sheet metal/tin knocker teacher, who taught me everything the about tin knocking, bending/braking, shrinking and stretching metals and forming them into gorgeous copper standing seam roofs, copper panel roofs, and much more.
All metal flashings erode over time. From my knowledge, it is my opinion that copper flashing is the only the only way to go. It is the only flashing used that can be soldered/tinned at junctions or critical areas.

We offer a wide range of gutter systems. Including 5 and 6 inch .032 gauge seamless standard OG and half round gutter systems with many colors to choose from. We also install 5 and 6 inch 16 ounce OG and half round copper gutters. All fabricated right on site. Custom fabricated leader heads and diverters. Gutter Cleaning/Maintenance/Repairs

Storm Systems
Protect your home with our specially designed roof installation systems. Our installation system goes far and beyond others. We have extra little techniques (that many companies don’t know of or use) that will prevent leakage from wind driven rain. Gold Coast Roofing LLC has years of experience with Fairfield County’s ocean front properties. Stopping multiple troublesome roof issues, as well as new roof installs without a failure. Our ice/snow/water weather system install provides a protective shield to your home throughout all severe weather. Installed in a manner that stands out from all others.

Roof Cleaning/Treatments
We provide roofing and siding cleaning.
Shingle roofs: We professionally clean your roof that is suffering from algae stains/lichen with environmentally safe cleaners. Then apply a zinc coating to protect your roof from further growth for several years.
Wood roofs: We provide a specially formulated cleaner designed to break down any growth and most stains, thoroughly rinse roof and allow to dry. Then we apply a specially formulated wood preserve to protect your cedar roof.

Enjoy the luxuries from the views and light, created by adding a skylight (s) to one or more of your rooms in your home or building. Our team can replace your existing skylight or even perform the necessary carpentry to install a skylight in any room that it is possible to install one.
Skylight manufacturers
Velux, Skylight Specialist, and Supreme Skylight, skylights. Custom skylights made to size or to replace an old skylight with a non-common size.
Enjoy the luxuries from the views and light, created by adding a skylight (s) to one or more of your rooms in your home or building. Our team can replace your existing skylight or even perform the necessary carpentry to install a skylight in any room that it is possible to install one.
Skylight manufacturers: Velux, Skylight Specialist, and Supreme Skylight, skylights. Custom skylights made to size or to replace an old skylight with a non-common size.

Keeping your home properly ventilated prevents harmful mold build-up incurring do to moisture and condensation. It helps to prevent excessive heat build-up. As well as helping to prevent ice damming in winter. Proper intake venting at your homes soffit below eave with a continuous flow to ridge venting, with an even balance is part of today’s building codes. Installing ridge venting without proper soffit venting can cause a vacuum at the ridge. I’ve personally seen snow pulled into attics due to improper balance. Ask about your options for your home.
We provide quick service for repairs to all type of roofs. Call and set up an appointment or schedule online.
Emergency Ice & Snow removal
We provide ice and snow removal from roofs. We also provide a 24 hr. Emergency service. Emergency fees do apply.
Roof inspections/Buying a new home
We provide full roof inspections determining condition, approx., life expectancy, full written report including photos.
Overall inspection:
Concerned about your roof age, give us a call. We will come over for a free verbal inspection and discuss your situation (if any). Then provide a free estimate if necessary.
Flat/low slope roofs:
As we all know these roofs can be a problem. It’s always better to stay ahead of the game. Call for a free inspection on your flat/low slope roof.

All you should be concerned about, before signing your contract:
• Is my contractor licensed?
• Is my contractor fully insured (workers compensation/liability)?
• How are my contractor’s reviews (Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, etc.)?
• Do I feel pressured or totally comfortable?
• Is my contractor filing for proper building permits? Not pulling a permit should raise a red flag. It is the law in the State of Connecticut. Not pulling a permit will also cause many headaches when it comes to selling your home with your new roof.

Born and raised in Norwalk, Ct. At the age of 11, I was delivering newspapers to nearly 80 customers. One of my clients offered me a $ 4.00 per hour summertime job cleaning the grounds of roof tear-off debris. From there on in I became reliant on myself for building my desires in life. That fall I started cleaning yards and cutting neighbors lawns after school, shoveling snow in the winter, back to the lawns in the spring. All I was thinking about was going back to the roofing/carpentry in the summer working with the men. When I returned the next summer, I was given $5.00 per hour and managed to get $6.00 per hour before summer’s end, all while managing to keep all my landscape clients happy. This continued up until school’s end. Once I grew up I realized what a passion I had for getting to know and befriend as many people as I could, as well as enjoying time spent around these people. I have gotten to know quite a few great people throughout my time. Moving forward I started working for a few different high-end roofing contractors working with commercial and residential roofing. During this time, I started working for a carpenter at nights and on weekends absorbing everything I could like a sponge. After quite a few years I worked for a local building contractor for approx. 1 yr. before joining the Carpenters Local 210 Union. There I became a Journeyman. After several years I re-joined the roofing field working for one of the area’s largest roofing companies for several years. Then in January of 1997, I established W.A.E. Construction, it became so successful dealing with all high-end homes throughout Fairfield, County, that W.A.E. Const. became a private company dealing with only word of mouth clientele. Throughout the last decade or so I have seen a flood of workers performing roof work that should NOT be allowed anywhere. That is why Gold Coast Roofing LLC was created. I wanted the name to be directed towards roofing, and being as Fairfield County’s coast is the original Gold Coast, that’s how I came up with the name.
Gold Coast Roofing is here to provide you with the highest quality roof at a “Great Price”.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

William A. Eleck Jr.