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The Public’s Adjuster, LLC

We believe you work very hard to make your house a home.
We also believe that when you experience a covered loss, it is your insurance company’s responsibility to provide you with all the rights your insurance policy affords you.
Our firm advocates for homeowners to receive a fair and equitable settlement from their insurance companies.
We know from experience, that the insurance companies will oftentimes offer a small settlement for your loss, not necessarily intentionally, but mainly because they may lack an appropriately trained staff.

When you experience a loss, we believe you will benefit from having a Public Adjuster, who is experienced in all aspects of construction; who had worked for insurance companies and a Public Adjuster whose main goal is to make sure you are treated with fairness and receive an equitable settlement from the insurance company.

Our clients are homeowners, businessowners, property managers, Attorneys, Real Estate agents who know we work diligently to have all their rights covered.
With vast experience in insurance, insurance regulations, negotiation and construction, our team offers you the expertise you need in the time of need.
Don’t let your insurance company determine how much they want to offer you to settle your loss.
With more than 80 years in combined experience in the insurance field and serving clients in Connecticut, New York, Georgia and Florida, we believe in recovering the value lost for you, the homeowner.

If you would like, visit our website to learn how we can help you and your family recover the best settlement for your loss.

Juliana Castro
Todd Moler

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