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MJA Group

There are many reasons to work with The MJA Group.

  • Perhaps you are thinking about a career change or looking for a new role and need a little jump start?
  • Maybe you have a new job and need to get acclimated?
  • Are you new in your position and feel like you are walking on eggshells?
  • Is your company going through an organization change and you want to know how to accept it?
  • Or are you out of work and can’t seem to land the job you want?

Whether you are seeking a coach for these or the numerous other benefits that coaching provides, The MJA Group is your resource to guide you to reach your full potential. There are no fancy techniques, what you will get is a coach who listens intently and asks thoughtful, sometimes provoking questions to help you achieve a goal; it is this powerful, yet simplistic combination that makes coaching so successful.
Maria Arone, the founder, has a unique combination of business experience, including finance and IT, and behavioral science expertise. Clients find that her professional expertise and thoughtful, empathetic demeanor make her an effective coach. Call us at (844) 886-0886 for a free introductory session to explore working with us.