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Train Away Pain

WHAT. A progressive center that focuses on physical performance and injury prevention strategies so our clients can reach their full pain free potential.

HOW. At TAP our practitioners use a variety of treatments to address pain patterns and movement imbalances. A detailed exercise prescription is developed to correct biomechanics and improve performance and focus on movements that build core strength, balance and flexibility.

WHY. We care about the long haul. We care about preserving your body and ensuring that you are at a peak level of fitness. This is done through our thoughtful methods that prevent injury and preserves the ability for success.

WHO. We work with those wanting to improve their fitness and functioning levels and find ways to get stronger, faster, smarter about how they move through life. We work with athletes, professional, amateur student athletes. We adjust and customize the program depending on goals or sport specific needs by removing painful barriers and rebuilding solid pain free foundations. We work with people limited by injuries, surgeries, and setbacks. Our methods remove layers of dysfunction and implement new functional patterns.

Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy/Injury Prevention Training

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