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Soul Healing Journey, LLC

Eilis Philpott has been a healing practitioner for 20+ years.soul_healing_logo

Each session with Eilis is a unique healing opportunity, as she is divinely guided as to how to proceed in order that her clients always receive the highest healing available to them at that time. The result is a powerful synergistic healing for anyone who wants to live their true authentic life. The foundational modality that Eilis uses is Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Breathing, a powerful breathing technique which access the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

As well as individual sessions, Eilis also offers classes and workshops.

Eilis’ specialty is to shine a light in the dark! … and in her own words
“I support you to look at your shadow self with love and acceptance, to acknowledge what is there and heal those aspects of yourself that are running you from your subconscious. With coaching and guidance, using conscious connected breathing along with other appropriate healing techniques, we can look at what is not working in your life. We can then clear any blocks, obstacles and challenges that are getting in your way and bring you to the fullness of your being!”

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